Employee engagement

If you push yourself to the edge, you might just fall over...

Psychologists say a certain amount of stress is necessary, and even good for you.

Trouble is, so many take that concept to a whole new level – adding more and more stress to their lives until they reach the edge and, in some cases, fall right over it.

Don't let your promotion be your downfall

It’s perfectly normal for people to feel outside their comfort zone when appointed to a more senior position – but it’s how they handle that discomfort that matters.

I’ve seen managers promoted to senior leadership roles who – feeling that they are under the spotlight – become so concerned not to make a mistake or be seen as not up to the job, that they fall into the trap of micro-managing everyone below them.

Finding opportunities to lift employee engagement

If you have read at least three of my blogs (because it takes that number to see a pattern…) you may have noticed that I finished each one with an opportunity statement.

Why? Because making a habit of spotting opportunities works. It has worked for me in business, and I’ve seen it work well for clients.