Are you following your dream, or drifting into a nightmare?

Because there’s big a difference.

The first scenario – following your dream – happens once you’ve identified what it is that you would really love to be doing for a living, and have put some thought into how you might make that a reality (often with the help of a coach to get you through the anxious moments along the way).

Effective change communication course: Wellington April 27-28

Change and the associated risks to productivity, reputation and key relationships can have a significant impact on business. Managing communication throughout the transition is critical to success.

Later this month (27-28 April) I'll be running a two-day Effective Change Communication training course in Wellington

What if you already knew what you were meant to do?

People seek out coaching for any number of reasons – from “my boss is a tyrant” to “I want to work for myself but I’m scared to make the move”.

But the single biggest reason that I find people come to me for coaching is that they (ostensibly) don’t know what they want to do for a living.

Develop your business acumen to remain relevant

If any part of your role at work requires you to be a trusted advisor, then developing business acumen has probably never been as crucial as it is now.

In the communications profession, for instance, the foundational and more tactical aspects of the professional communicator’s role, such as copywriting and proofreading, are increasingly being outsourced ­– or even replaced with apps (see Hemingway, Grammarly etc).

What if there's no plan?

What if you’ve been given the job of creating an internal communications strategy for an organisation, but the organisation hasn’t actually articulated what it wants to achieve?

There’s no business strategy, no business plan, no articulation of its strategic direction at all.

Internal communications is everyone's job

So much of what we achieve at work every day we achieve through other people, so building good relationships is pretty fundamental to our success.

The way we communicate with colleagues and key stakeholders can make or break those relationships so it pays to know a thing or two about workplace communications.