Client Stories

When you know more about yourself – your strengths, interests, preferences and what really matters to you – you'll make better career choices and recognize opportunities that will be a good fit. Below is a small selection of stories from clients who have benefited from the career coaching process. 


The following stories are based on client feedback and published with their approval. Names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.



At 43, Barry had worked in the same sector for 15 years and was at a critical point in his career. He could step up to the top role, or ...


From disillusion to delight

Lorren was so stressed when she came to see me that she wished she could win Lotto so she never had to work again ...


New role “was made for me”

Jacob felt like he was stagnating, both professionally and intellectually having been in similar roles for ...


Fresh eyes

When Heather came to see me, she felt she had been too long in the same role and she felt as though she was at a crossroads, not knowing which direction to take. She had been feeling anxious about her situation, but not able to find time to focus on how she might ...


Landing the dream job

Penny wasn’t enjoying the majority of her role in human resources and was feeling guilty about the time she spent on the small parts of the job that she did enjoy. She was considering resigning and contemplating starting her own business ...

Quote_Stephen (1).png

Third time lucky

At 39, Stephen had retrained and changed careers twice already but still felt he hadn’t found his ‘sweet spot’. He didn’t feel suited to his current profession – was unchallenged and felt out of place. He was struggling to know what to do ...

Quote_Karen (1).png


Karen was feeling burnt out and disillusioned. She had taken on a contract role that required constant fire-fighting, as she’d inherited an underperforming team in a dysfunctional organisation.



A restructure at work prompted Jack to seek coaching, but he had felt lost in his career for a while. He had been looking constantly for other roles but without success.



Marie had been in the same job for a long time and was ready for a change. She wanted to be challenged and felt like she had more to offer, but was finding it hard to land a new role.