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Luminous Consulting - career coaching

Coaching with Lucy has been truly an amazing experience. I liked how she helped me see things from a different perspective. During our sessions I have improved my self-esteem and I took my professional life to another level. The good thing about coaching with Lucy is that it can help in every sphere of life. I loved every bit of it, and it enormously helped me to improve my life as a whole.                  –  Yana (Wellington, NZ)

I went to see Lucy because I was considering a career change after 21 years and was needing some direction.

Lucy's approach was very logical and systematic which I really liked. It was sensibly structured and paced. Her style is a good blend of formal and informal, very positive and affirming.

Lucy asked good questions, and made pertinent observations. She had a sense of humour and was a superb listener.

Although I had started on many of the various activities beforehand, Lucy's approach to values exploration, strengths and skills was deeper and more robust. Furthermore Lucy linked together these important strands, helping creating a clear picture that really helped the exploratory nature of the mission (e.g. potential new career pathways). I completed each session feeling positive, affirmed and enthusiastic regarding further thinking and exploration.

I am now more aware of unhelpful stories/narratives that I keep in my head that limit me. I am more aware of my achievements, and have more self-belief. I can identify and understand much more clearly my values, strengths, preferred working environment and skills. I didn't realise before that strengths can be energising or otherwise. I will from here on in work strategically knowing those skills and strengths that are energising and not currently being utilised.

I highly recommend Lucy to anyone I come across! (Friends, acquaintances and colleagues…). Lucy is a professional positive person who can really add value to a person's decision making regarding their thinking about their current and future lifestyle and career.

– Jacqui (South Island, NZ)

Seeing Lucy for career coaching was the best investment I ever made. When I went to see her, I was feeling burnt out and frustrated that I had no control over my career. I was needing a change but not knowing what I wanted to change to.

Lucy had a structured approach using activities to guide you and help piece together what you need to know about yourself to come to answers.

My confidence and wellbeing has really improved. I ended up with a deeper understanding of myself, a fresh look at my career options, an idea of what I want and need from life, and a dash of hope and excitement for the future.

I highly recommend Lucy to any friends and colleagues that know deep inside that there is more to life than the muddling through what they're currently doing.

– Blair M (Wellington, NZ)

Lucy is approachable, trustworthy and encouraging. She’s very professional and helped me to see what was happening and what was possible.

Through her coaching I was able to get a clear picture of what I am actually facing in my current job and why my confidence was slipping. Lucy helped me to see that it wasn't just me and gave me some really useful ways of thinking about my strengths and how they could be applied. Very supportive.

I now have a clearer idea of what I need and some tools to help me achieve it. My next performance discussion will be more structured, my CV will be more personal and I will be better prepared for my next interview.

I would highly recommend Lucy to colleagues, friends and family. Anyone wanting to think about their next steps.

– Jo (Wellington, NZ)

I went to see Lucy because I wanted a career change and was unsure what to change too. What I really liked about her coaching was the friendly, calm, safe environment, having one on one discussions, figuring things out and putting it all together at the end.

Each session built my confidence and feeling of self-worth and brought me closer to what I wanted to achieve.

I'm now more focused and not feeling so overwhelmed. I know what I want and am good at, and have direction and confidence to achieve.

The likelihood of me recommending Lucy to others is 10 our of 10. Lucy has reminded me of my values, strengths, what motivates me etc ... The whole process was insightful and extremely helpful. I think sometimes we forget these things about ourselves or may not even be aware of them. Not knowing this can make self-worth, relationships and connecting with others quite hard. Working with Lucy has given me clarity and stability in who I am, confidence to believe in myself and putting trust in my capabilities.

– Marohette (Wellington, NZ)

I was feeling trapped in my job and after coaching with Lucy I have become aware that there can be a life outside of teaching, which I did not think was possible. I now understand that I have valuable transferable capability and I am being a lot more self-reflective than ever before.

Lucy is a very good listener. She has sound advice and strategies based on extensive experience. The likelihood of recommending Lucy to others is 10/10.

– Tim (Christchurch, NZ)

I was fed up with the future prospects and current conditions in my employment.

I found Lucy’s coaching really helpful – she is calm, assured, knowledgeable and deliberate, and has integrity. I liked that the process was structured and that she has multiple approaches.

It’s given me a nudge in the right direction, clarity of thinking and more confidence. I’m now actively looking for new employment.

Likelihood of recommending Lucy’s coaching on a scale of one to 10? Definitely a 10

– Blair (Wellington, NZ)

I went to see Lucy because I realised I wanted a career change, and quickly because I was heading for a promotion I didn’t want…

Lucy was really supportive and good at drawing out information in a gentle manner. I liked the structure and insights, and the added information via the online questionnaires and the workbook.

From her coaching process, I’m now certain that the new path I’ve chosen is the right one for me. Lucy had some really good guidance too around things to be aware of so I don’t fall into the same traps that led me to where I had got to.

The insights gained were very helpful and I'm much more aware of the choices I make and why. In future, decisions will be made more consciously and for myself. My confidence and sense of wellbeing has improved dramatically.

Would I recommend Lucy’s services? Absolutely! Anyone making big career decisions (whether that is to change, or to take on bigger roles) could really benefit.

– Jamie (Wellington, NZ)

Before I met with Lucy, I was worried that I would be stuck in my current industry with limited opportunities but now I can see where my skill set can be applied to a variety of different types of roles.

Lucy was engaging, compassionate, and honest. The coaching gave me the time to really think about what I wanted for the next stage in my career and the exercises and surveys really helped me understand myself better.

Her coaching sessions have given me the confidence to see where my skills can be applied and I am now applying for jobs I know I would enjoy, focusing on what I now recognise as my key strengths, values, and needs.

– Katie (Wellington, NZ)

I was feeling stuck in terms of my career direction, but after coaching with Lucy I gained a clear understanding of who I am, what I need and what interests me and how to shape my career around this.

Her coaching style was friendly, attentive and constructive, and the process was thorough. I learned a lot about myself in a relatively short amount of time.

I now have more confidence and engagement in my work and where I am heading. My career goals no longer seam fluffy and unattainable, but tangible and real.

I highly recommend Lucy to anyone who is driven and wanting to clarify their career direction because she helps bring clarity and helps people realise their potential.

– Liam (Wellington, NZ)

This was the deepest exploration of my strengths and talents I've found so far.

Lucy's approach is friendly, supportive and exploratory. She is compassionate and helpful, a good listener and an experienced and intuitive guide with tools to share.

I am now letting go of some perfectionistic tendencies, replacing them with more compassion for myself, which is helpful for me emotionally and professionally. I still work with excellence, just not so much perfectionism. That's a relief!

I would recommend Lucy's service to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and their abilities, strengths and things to work on. It is a wonderful exploratory process which empowers an individual to see things in a deeper, and perhaps new, way. It is a necessary process for someone like me with many interests and abilities who can't decide what she wants to be when she grows up, and I'm well grown now! :-) The process helped hone in on my personal attributes and highlights what career options may be truly fulfilling.

Lucy will help a person to find themselves and encourage them to consider career opportunities that are in alignment with one's core true self, in order to find real satisfaction in the workplace.

– Stephanie (Oamaru, NZ)

I had had a great career, but it was no longer challenging me and had lost its lustre. I went to see Lucy because I wanted to explore my personality, my passions and beliefs before I took my next steps and to be sure I hadn't missed something that may be more satisfying, rewarding and enjoyable. I wanted to ensure I was giving myself the best chance to maximise my workplace happiness.

Lucy is intelligent, astute, and very importantly, an experienced coach who knows what she is talking about. I found Lucy to be extremely approachable, an excellent listener who would let me talk (often at length!) and then would cleverly and concisely interpret my thoughts into actions and outputs that I could work with.

Lucy's 6-course programme gave me a 'career epiphany', that only really came about because Lucy and I diligently worked through each step of this programme in order. The process allowed me to learn about myself in ways I had not previously considered, including identifying my values, what inspires me (and what doesn't) and in so doing has renewed my motivation for work!

This was the perfect programme for me. Lucy was a total professional and I felt safe in her office to say what I felt and thought, and believe the programme and timing of each stage was perfect for my needs.

I learnt more about myself in this process than I have ever gleaned from feedback from my peers. Probably because I felt I was free to say and think what I wanted too, with no negative judgement by Lucy. I have a new vocabulary at my disposal now to describe my strengths to future employers, and have learnt that there are certain tasks I should avoid in order to be fulfilled by work. My sense of wellbeing and confidence has improved dramatically.

I am now giving myself permission to choose what I want to do, rather than do what I felt I should do. I haven't yet put this into action – but am about too – so am genuinely excited about my next job rather than resigned to it!

I highly recommend Lucy’s services – 10 out of 10!

– Helen (Wairarapa, NZ).

I felt immediately upon meeting Lucy that I could trust in her professionalism and breadth of knowledge. I felt my thoughts and feelings about my current role were immediately validated which meant I could move past the feelings and into constructive dialogue about next steps.

Her coaching gave me the specific tools to take my next step in my career and helped me to get my confidence back.

I learnt that the problem with my job was not with me but with the nature of the job. It did not align with my values, motivational skills or realised strengths. This was very empowering. I now have the confidence in myself to move forward bravely and seek out the job that I WANT…

I know what questions to ask of future employers and will seek a job that aligns with my values, strengths and skills and won't just settle for a job I can do.

I highly recommend Lucy to anyone who is feeling stuck, miserable when they go to work, at a time of transition personally or professionally, or after redundancy.

– Jane (Wellington, NZ)

I felt stuck and unfulfilled in my career, with a strong sense that time was running out.

Lucy was professional, informed, personal and insightful. I liked the tools such as the card sorts to identify what's important to me. It's added a new layer to 'what I'm good at'.

I now see more potential in myself and feel I have a lot more choices than I previously assumed. This is empowering but also a challenge!

I’d highly recommend Lucy – 10/10.

– Kathryn (Wellington, NZ)

I went to see Lucy because I didn't know what to do with my life! (Career-wise that is). Her coaching really made me think. It was enlightening and helped me focus on what my skills are and how best to use them.

Through the coaching process I figured out what to do for the next year or two! I came up with a great idea for a project that I might not have come to if I hadn't been nutting through things with Lucy.

The likelihood of recommending Lucy is 10 out of 10. I’d recommend her to anyone who was struggling to know what direction to take, what they have to offer.

– Lotta (Wellington, NZ)

I was nearing the end of a contract position that I hadn't found satisfying and wanted to consider carefully my next career and lifestyle steps.

Thanks to Lucy’s coaching I now have more clarity about my values and greater confidence about pathways that will suit me. I also have a much stronger internal compass and already am using this to make more purposeful decisions.

Lucy has a warm and easy rapport, a good listener and guider of conversation, really skilled at gently helping you to connect dots.

I appreciated the structure of having six sessions set up and a process and framework on which to hang my everyday thoughts about where next on to.

I rate Lucy’s services 10/10 and I’d recommend her to anyone considering a career shift, particularly if they have been doing the same thing for a long time and may need some extra help to make a change.

– Katherine (Wellington, NZ)

Life-changing-ly good stuff!
When I decided to see Lucy for coaching I was considering a new career and absolutely overwhelmed by possibilities. She is a great listener who turned my long rambling tirades into focused and useful insights. Through the process I focused the chaos and learned even more possibilities.
I now focus better on doing things that energise me, I organise my options much more efficiently and I am overall more positive about my career.
I highly recommend Lucy because she has a gift for seeing through problems and giving brilliant advice for getting through them and aiming for something meaningful and worthwhile.

 – Jenny (Wellington, NZ)

I was uncertain about whether to stay in my current role or if it was time for a change.

Going through the six sessions of coaching was really helpful. It made me consider things I hadn't thought of and think about what worked best for me. Each of the sessions was constructive and covered different things and built on each other. I liked that the coaching looked at different aspects of workplaces and your personality.

I now feel more empowered to be proactive about my current employment, and confident about looking for new employment in future that works for me.

– Heather (Wellington, NZ)

I walked into Lucy's office completely burnt out and unhappy at a challenging, draining job. On top of that I was scared of making a mid-career change at my age.

Lucy is calmness itself. She has a talent for identifying strengths you often don't see yourself. She knows how to ask the right questions, and her encouragement is empowering!

I LOVED learning about energizing/draining activities, and I really appreciated Lucy's bird's eye-view over my situation. She gave me so many insights into myself!

I now have greater confidence and importantly, new excitement about finding a good fit.

I am much more aware of desired outcomes when communicating and making choices (life-changing!) and I feel like I just fit better into my own skin now that I understand how to look out for the things which energize me. There is also a comfort in knowing that some things drain me – the tools Lucy gave me for how to deal with draining activities made so much sense.

The likelihood of recommending Lucy is 10 out of 10. I’d recommend her to anybody who wishes to either start a career or make a mid-career change ... or just doesn't feel like they have found their niche. I wish I had had access to this much earlier in my life!

Career changed = very happy client!

– Jeanne (Wellington, NZ)

I feel so much more focused and driven after working with Lucy.

I was at a crossroads in my career and I needed help clarifying my next steps. Lucy has a very gentle approach, is organised and is personable which made opening up very easy.

I liked that the coaching spanned multiple weeks, giving me enough time to reflect and build on what I'd learnt during the previous session.

I’ve come away with a better sense of my values and principles which I continue to draw on when making work related decisions, and I'm adopting a more holistic approach to life and work. I highly recommend Lucy’s services to anyone struggling to work out the next steps in their careers.

– Karen (Wellngton, NZ)

I was stuck in yet another job I didn’t like and thought; I have another 15 years in the workforce so I need to find something I like doing.

The coaching process with Lucy made me think about a lot of things I didn’t normally think about. It made me work out what was important to me. I left my job, gained new skills temping, and was able to have a break between assignments. I no longer apply for jobs that I know will be wrong for me and I’ve now applied for a role I’m excited about using all the information I gathered through the process.

I highly recommend Lucy – she is friendly, pragmatic, sensible and fun!

– Ruth (Kapiti, NZ)

I felt like I was in a state of uncertainty with my job and the direction of where it was heading. I was looking at exploring other options and was recommended to talk to Lucy as a starting point.

The environment was comfortable and Lucy put me at ease and validated my feelings and concerns really well. She was warm, friendly, encouraging and very easy to build rapport with. Her coaching gave me a sense of direction, purpose and clarity that I can use when thinking about future career options.

I'm now starting to look at career options more carefully and think through things with a sense of knowing exactly what I want and value.

I highly recommend Lucy’s coaching – 10/10.

– Ange (Wellington, NZ)

I was frustrated at work after a restructure and had taken on a major task that was incredibly stressful. This caused me to think once more about different career opportunities. This time, however, I knew I wanted to be intentional about my next career move.

Lucy’s coaching gave me time out and a safe space to discuss my career and where I would like to take it. There were many 'eureka' moments for me as part of the sessions and the homework. It gave me greater knowledge about how and why I have reached the current point in my career and what I want to get from it in the future.

Lucy is skilled at discovering and focusing on the key insights. She is approachable and makes the client feel comfortable, but doesn't shy away from asking hard questions that give deeper insight.

The coaching sessions really caused me to re-evaluate the way I think about my current job and work in general. They pushed me to take a step back and examine what I need and want to get from my career. They also reminded me of those fields and subjects which really interest me. I now have greater confidence to make a significant career change in the future and greater focus on what really matters to me.

I have also seen the immediate benefit of having a different perspective towards my current role. I have been less stressed and frustrated and have gained greater focus.

I have taken away many valuable insights about myself and the way I think which have made me approach and think about situations in work and life differently. My sense of wellbeing and confidence has increased greatly.

I definitely recommend Lucy’s services.

– Hannah (Wellington, NZ)

A great experience – Lucy is a great coach!

When I went to see Lucy I was having a year not working and deciding where my next venture could be. She was very professional, warm and welcoming. I felt we didn't rush our sessions and everything was explained fully.

The process gives you confidence in knowing who you really are. I really liked finding out about my strengths, what energises me and what exhausts me! The coaching gave me a clear direction going forward.

I recommend Lucy to anyone who I come across who happens to mention they would like career coaching! 10/10.

– Lucy J (Wellington, NZ)

I was feeling unsatisfied with my current situation and seeking to make changes in my work-life balance. Thanks to Lucy’s coaching I am now much clearer about what I want in my future working life and I also feel a lot more confident about my strengths and what I can bring to an employer or client.

I enjoyed Lucy’s ability to explore and probe for more information during our discussions. The exercises I was set, combined with the testing, made a lot of useful information available to me and having that information, combined with the coaching sessions, was very empowering.

I think about myself as more of a valuable proposition and will be clearer about what I am looking for and more focussed in planning for the future.

I would definitely recommend Lucy’s services.

 – Kate (Wellington, NZ)

I was not enjoying the role I was doing and was considering my future within the organisation. The coaching gave me an opportunity to examine my own strengths and weaknesses, and how they applied in the work environment.

I found a number of the exercises extremely beneficial in identifying skills and attributes that I never really considered that I had, and that gave me the confidence to think about how easily these could apply in another career.

I think it has improved my confidence, particularly in relation to the value that I add to the current organisation I am working for.

Lucy is very easy to speak to, is obviously very knowledgeable and gave great advice. The likelihood of me recommending her services is 10/10.

– Nic (Wellington, NZ)

It’s been great working with Lucy – she is very personable and encouraging, but also practical and thorough, and puts the onus back on you to process what has been discovered in each session.

I liked the assessments that helped me clarify my strengths and values. I liked the length of time for each appointment so it didn't feel hurried, and I liked the fact that it gave me confidence in my own abilities.

 It was just what I needed. I was looking for direction and confidence in my career path and someone to give me perspective on that. As well as my newfound confidence, the coaching gave me an appreciation of my skills and a clearer idea of which jobs to look for. I got the third job I applied for!

– Sam (Wellington, NZ)

When I went to see Lucy I was feeling jaded and unhappy in my current role, but since coaching with her I have much more focussed thinking on how to move forward in my career. She has a lovely gentle encouraging manner, and just quietly steers you in the right direction.

I really enjoyed focussing on myself for once. I have a clear idea of my strengths, some of which I wouldn't have identified as such, and how they are transferrable. 

I would recommend Lucy to colleagues, friends, family - everyone! It can be scary to expose yourself to this type of inward looking scrutiny and Lucy has lovely, non-threatening manner.

– Stephanie (Wellington, NZ)

I was at a mid-point in my working life and conscious of the possibility of a career change. Through career coaching with Lucy, I now have a clearer understanding of my strengths, motivations and values.

Each of the sessions supported each other and gradually built towards a positive conclusion.

The sessions changed the way in which I had previously viewed a career change and I now feel more confident that I would be able to identify meaningful employment opportunities. I look at potential job opportunities from the perspective of it being the right fit for me as opposed to how I could fit into such a position.

The likelihood of recommending Lucy's coaching services to others? 10 out of 10. I’d definitely recommend Lucy to colleagues who are considering a career change so that their likelihood of making a positive transition is improved.

– Cam (Wellington, NZ)

I found the whole coaching experience outstanding and enormously helpful. Lucy is encouraging, highly professional and warm. She asks excellent questions and her coaching is supplemented with well targeted materials and resources.

I went to see Lucy because I was not on my ‘A game’ – not feeling clear on direction of my career, or how I could have more flexibility to fit my home life.

I'm clear again on my values, and for the first time especially clear with their fit against the concept of a career for me (something I had put on hold for a few years).

I also have clarity and confidence achieved through excellent exercises and sessions, stimulus with time to explore opportunities and ideas that arose from the sessions, and an expanded set of options for a future career.

I highly recommend Lucy’s coaching because it's a personal, powerful way to make a difference.

– Nicholas (Wellington, NZ)

Feeling a bit stuck in my career, I had been researching ideas on how to progress. I'd looked into professional development courses, but nothing seemed to offer quite the right pay off for my company and myself. I'd been to some meet ups, asked around about mentors and googled what other people with my sort of experience were up to, where they were heading in their careers – to see if I could get some inspiration.

I came across Lucy's website in my research. I've not tried career coaching before but I thought it would be a good step for me, to help me distill all my thoughts, and to gain a fresh perspective and hopefully some clearer focus on where to from here.

I appreciated how respectful and kind Lucy was, treating me as a professional, with no judgement. She was calm, engaged and thoughtful.

I felt a bit guilty focussing so much on myself, but it was valuable work to do and a good investment in my career. The coaching forced me to take time to look at myself and to identify and articulate what I'm good at, what I enjoy, and to focus on what situation would enable me to be my best or at least a better self.

Lucy helped me dig deep and I made the brave choice to leave the position I was in without another one to go to specifically and I'm now working on positioning myself for the future. I am confident that a portfolio style career would be ideal for me. Now to make it work!

– Nicky (Wellington, NZ)

I saw Lucy for coaching because I felt unfulfilled in my working life. I found her to be approachable, helpful and current – I felt like Lucy was interested.

Her coaching allowed me time to think about what I was doing, and to think about my strengths and skills outside of the work I was being paid for. It also helped me to identify the characteristics of an organisation where I want to work.

I highly recommend Lucy’s career coaching. After her sessions, I was definitely pickier in the type of work that I was looking for, and I felt emboldened to go and speak to organisations.

– Angela (Wellington, NZ)

I went to see Lucy after resigning from a role that was more complex than I was used to. By the end of the coaching sessions, I rekindled belief in myself and my skills, when I had little left.

I liked that Lucy was easy to talk to and was willing to listen and understand my situation in order to give a positive perspective. She was friendly, supportive, understanding, encouraging and positive.

My job seeking mentality has changed from just looking to apply for a role to make ends meet, to a more focused approach when applying for a role relevant to my strengths and abilities.

I highly recommend Lucy to anyone who isn't happy in their job and is looking to find belief in themselves again. Lucy is a great, caring person and is amazing at what she does :-)

– Kui (Kapiti Coast, NZ)

When I went to see Lucy for coaching, I was unhappy in my role and because I had worked for a number of companies in the same industry for nearly 18 years I  knew that just changing company would not solve my problem. But I didn't really know how to define my skill set or how to sell myself to another industry.

In fact, I was so unhappy that I couldn’t even think about where I would be excited to work. I was worried about how I was going to spend my next 20 years of work life.

Lucy was gentle, understanding and encouraging. She listens and provides great insight. She gave me useful and easy techniques to better manage work related stress whilst helping me to plan my next move. The initial sessions really helped me see why I was so unhappy in my role and that there were good reasons for it (and that it wasn't all my fault!).

Lucy’s coaching gave me clarity as to what I bring to an organisation. I gained a clear idea of my strengths, skills and motivators which means I am now much better equipped to job hunt and find the right role for me. Now I feel I can say with conviction what I'm good at and what skills and strengths I bring. I will better analyse potential employers before I apply or accept a position. Most important for me is I have renewed faith that I can find a new job that I will enjoy!

I remember when I came to my first appointment I was so very low that I was sceptical that this would be the answer for me. However, what Lucy said was 100% true – trust in the process and know by the end everything will be a lot clearer and you will know how to sell yourself and where you want to head to. And I do! Thank you! 

– Leeanne (Wellington, NZ)

I felt like I had lost direction and Lucy’s coaching gave me insight into myself, helped me to find a focus and also gave me practical solutions/steps to take. Her approach is warm and friendly but she was also able to push me in a gentle but firm way!

I'm now taking actual steps which I find challenging but are necessary to start moving forward and gain traction. 

I highly recommend Lucy to anyone else who feels like they are standing at the crossroads, or perhaps can't even find them in the first place.

– Rebecca (Wellington, NZ)

I went to see Lucy because I felt stuck in my current role, not sure which direction to take my career in. Lucy was easy to talk to and she gently led our conversations in a way that made me feel I was coming to my own realisations.

I really liked having time between sessions to think about what was discussed, with each session building on the last.

Lucy got me thinking about how all aspects of a career should be interlinked (skills, strengths, interests, values, environment) and that you don't necessarily have to do the things you are good at if you don't enjoy doing them!

I will be looking at opportunities in a different light - it won't be about doing the same thing on bigger scale just because I have the ability to do so. I will look for the balanced picture, taking into account values, environment, strengths and interests.

I would definitely recommend Lucy's services to colleagues, as it is easy to feel stuck in a rut and become discontent in a role.

A very valuable experience, many thanks Lucy. I have come away with more tools to use and feel more confident taking the next step in my career.

– Taryn (Wellington, NZ)

I was stuck in the mud at work, wondering if I could break the apparent trend of not growing, professionally. Through Lucy’s coaching, a plan that had been stewing in the back of my mind was solidified and I got better ideas and confirmations about what I felt was missing in my current role. I got some of the spark back and have been able to mould the position into something that will work to my strengths, making me happier and more efficient at my tasks.

Coaching with Lucy was almost therapeutic, with plenty of questions and more talk about the client than about methods or generalisations. Her personalised style is good. Felt like I made my mind up rather than getting told ways to go about it. Timely warnings too, when needed. 

I highly recommend Lucy to anyone needing to stir themselves up a bit about career choices and future planning.

– Simon (Wellington, NZ)

Lucy has a collaborative, supportive approach that allowed me to talk and voice my unspoken thoughts without fear of judgment. But she also challenged me in a healthy way to re-think some assumptions and asked smart questions to get me to think about my issues from a different angle.
When I went to see Lucy I was unhappy in my current role and knew I needed to make a change, but didn’t know how to, or what changes were in my best interests. I felt stuck, with nowhere to go.
I was tempted to make hasty decisions to fix problems in the short term. However, I now know what I want my career and work life to look like 2, 5, 10 and 20 years from now. Decisions I make are towards achieving the long term goal for how I want my life to be.
What I liked about Lucy’s coaching is that it was solution focused, which meant we did not only concentrate on my problems, but together we looked for solutions and meaningful clues for productive, positive and long term answers.
I have given myself permission to have the kind of career and work life that I thought was only for other people. I see now that I can work towards that, and that I too can have a rewarding career that is fulfilling and stimulating.
Lucy’s coaching is 10 out of 10! After my first session I had already recommended Lucy to people because she listens, is solution focused, and does not allow you to wallow in your problems. This is not counseling – this is real career help.

– La'Chelle (Wellington, NZ)

When I saw Lucy for career coaching I was concerned that I was better suited to a different career path, and so was seeking assistance to articulate what I wanted in a job, and how to make a career transition.

Lucy was non-judgmental and flexible, and I really liked the use of exercises and tests to articulate my skills and preferences, and how to identify careers that fit with these.

Coaching confirmed that I will probably benefit from a shift in career path and has helped me better articulate where I want to be, which will make it easier for me to identify new opportunities.

It has also increased my confidence in looking for new opportunities, and given me some resources to manage difficult situations better.

I highly recommend Lucy’s coaching services, especially to others who are looking for a change in career.

– Sarah (Wellington, NZ)

Lucy has a warm and supportive approach. She was also challenging and insightful. She is a great listener and I always appreciated how she managed to begin each session like we had just finished the last one – remembering our conversations and topics discussed.
At the end of my sessions with her, I always felt I had more insight and information, I was so much clearer and had a plan of practical actions to do.
Lucy backs up her work with great tools and resources as well. I really liked the work on my Strengths Profile. I found the results accurate and very helpful. I felt it confirmed a lot of what I was feeling and it outlined it in a positive and constructive way. I am spending more time now focusing on strengths that I haven't been using and this has been a real boost. The report is a valuable resource that I am referring to regularly.
When I decided to see Lucy for coaching, I was feeling frustrated, despondent, low energy and just really needing a change after some years in the same job. I wasn't clear about what I could do next and how to go about deciding the next step in my career.
I have so much more clarity about where I'm at now and where I'm going, also about my skills, strengths and the area of work I want to do. It has given me confidence to look at possibilities I had dismissed.
I have given myself permission to really believe I plan the life I want. I am more aware of the possibilities and more confident to give them a go.
I have stopped limiting what I think my options could be. Lucy was very encouraging and my time with her has enabled me to take the time needed to reflect and to think much more broadly about what next.
I highly recommend Lucy to anyone who has some decisions to make about their careers.

– Alison (Wellington, NZ)

Lucy definitely knows her stuff! She has a gentle manner and is not ‘pushy’. She takes time to listen and is very well organised

I was feeling very dissatisfied in my role and had no idea what my skill base was and what kinds of transferable skills I had. Lucy’s coaching helped me identify my transferable skills and avoid a massive work history blip on my CV.

I gained clarity and now feel more confident about looking at and assessing potential jobs because I have a clear sense of my skills and values that are key and important to me personally.

I totally recommend Lucy – she’s amazing!

– Helen (Wellington, NZ)

I was wondering about returning to the workforce and whether or not I wanted to re-enter my previous profession. Lucy gave me the space and direction to be able to think more clearly about my work aspirations. She encouraged me to take a broad view of things and acknowledged the way plans and decisions affect the whole person and their family.
Coaching gave me the time to focus on what was important to me. It brought clarity and logic to the vague ideas I had, and Lucy gave me confidence to re-imagine myself and identify skills and strengths that I could bring to a new work avenue.
Lucy is professional and warm. It was great to be able to trust her to take me through the process and figure things out. I highly recommend Lucy’s coaching to anyone with questions about the suitability of their current role and people considering changing jobs.

– Rosalind (Wellington, NZ)

Lucy has an in-depth understanding of her field and a fabulous ability to ask the right questions at the right time to gently challenge your thinking. I highly recommend Lucy if you are looking for a professional and results oriented career coach.  She is a great listener and has a calm thoughtful and engaging style and the ability to draw out your thinking and go where the conversation needs to go.

I particularly liked how Lucy got me thinking about some longer term goals based on my true passions and talents, and gently questioned some of my barriers to achieving those goals. Lucy always put me at ease and coaching felt like a safe space to explore some of this quite personal stuff.

When I decided to see Lucy for coaching I felt stuck in a job I really didn't like, and felt like I'd been going round in circles for the last 2 - 3 years.

I now have a much better understanding of where I want to head in my career. I had thought I knew quite a lot, but I really came away with a better understanding of values, strengths interests and goals, not to mention an awareness of a key mental barrier that has been unconsciously tripping me up.

I decided to become a consultant and contractor (first day in new contract today!), and also have some clear steps to take towards some longer terms goals.

I highly recommend Lucy’s coaching for people that feel stuck in their jobs, people in a mid-career slump who think they might need a change.

 – Charlotte (Wellington, NZ)

I was being made redundant when I saw Lucy for coaching. She was very easy to talk to, I felt very at ease with her and comfortable discussing my situation.
I found the whole process to be very insightful and interesting and it helped me think about what I would be good at and what I would enjoy. I highly recommend Lucy to anyone who is wanting to identify what areas they would be interested in working in.

– Moira (Tauranga, NZ)

 Lucy is a great coach! Her style is easy-going, exploratory and understanding.

The greatest thing I have achieved with Lucy was seeing my interests, likes and capabilities. It was a revelation to me especially some of the assessments we have done and I learned a great deal about myself.

I am more positive about how I feel about my skills and experience. I am proactive to change things for the better after my coaching sessions with her and knowing more about what I like to target is great.

I highly recommend Lucy to people who feel stuck about their career choices, and their progression, perhaps not knowing or being entirely sure where they want to be headed in their career.

– Onur (Wellington, NZ)

Lucy’s coaching style is relaxed, warm and encouraging – supported by an acute intelligence and ability to adeptly guide her clients to arrive at solutions for themselves.

When I started seeing Lucy I was unhappy in my role, feeling stressed and undervalued. It gave me a chance to take time out and explore, with a knowledgeable and supportive coach, the path I should follow for the remainder of my professional career.

I feel I understand myself and my choices much better and have had time to focus rather than feeling troubled by not having the opportunity to stop and address what was underlying this. I now have increased knowledge of my options and I feel validated as to why I was unhappy in my role.

I highly recommend Lucy to anyone seeking coaching about their career choices, and particularly those looking to change direction.

– Jennifer (Wellington, NZ)

I was a bit lost and undecided as to what I wanted to do with my life and where I was going in terms of a career. I was feeling doubts about whether I was good enough to be employed again at my age, hence taking the opportunity to see a carer coach.

Lucy is professional and a good listener and asked questions which brought up things that I had never thought of. She was very helpful, calm and always talks with a smile. She is easy to talk to and made me feel relaxed.

I liked the exercises she had me do. It made think about my potential, and realise that I needed to celebrate my achievements more.

I have now decided to retrain as an early childhood teacher.

– Teri (Wellington, NZ)

I saw Lucy for coaching when I was uncertain about the next steps for my career. What I liked about her coaching was the good level of trust, and excellent insights gathered using tools.
Lucy’s style is collaborative, listening and asking deep questions in a non-obtrusive way. I found Lucy to be engaged and interested. I feel we developed an excellent rapport and her style was a key contributor to this.
Her coaching broadened my horizons and gave me lots of insights to apply to my career decisions.

– Sean (Wellington, NZ)

Lucy has a bubbly, positive and supportive style. It was very helpful to get one on one support and follow up, and it definitely encouraged me to stay on track and keep things up when I was flagging. The specific tips were very helpful too. I highly recommend Lucy to anyone who is ready to make positive change in their lives.

– Rachel (Wellington, NZ)

I had become dissatisfied with my job but I couldn't see how or where I could leverage my skills into a new area. Coaching with Lucy had a positive impact in me being able to better understand my own values and skills to determine what future roles are a ‘best fit’ for me.
Lucy’s approach is client led. Using some broad frameworks for setting up a discussion, she allows the client to focus on what they need. I highly recommend her to mid-career professionals looking to change. Lucy is very good at getting you to understand what you are good at and how to illustrate that effectively.   

– Hamish (Wellington, NZ)

I went to Lucy for career coaching when I was deciding whether or not to leave a job and felt at a real crossroads.

I felt Lucy was genuinely interested in me, and in finding ways forward for me. Her coaching gave me confidence and a new appreciation for my skills. It helped me to define the types of roles I want to apply for in the future. Lucy also helped me stop panicking about not having a role, and gave me the confidence to pause rather than rush into things. I am now much more selective, and am also thinking about working in broader areas.

Coaching with Lucy was a very rewarding experience, which I would recommend highly to others who are seeking career coaching. The self-reflection is incredibly useful and affirming.

– Fleur (Wellington, NZ)

Lucy is a great coach. She uncovered my blind spots. Her exceptional listening skills and ability to ask the right questions helped translate my aspirations into meaningful action. Through coaching she helped reveal new possibilities and sharpen my focus.

– Jess (Wellington, NZ)

I was burnt out with my role and not sure of my next steps. Coaching with Lucy provided me with insights into what was and wasn't working for me – helping me to clarify what I liked and didn't like, and set goals for the next steps in my career. I'm now actively thinking about what I want from my career and what I can do to reach those goals.
Lucy has a relaxed approach and takes the time to discuss matters. I’d recommend her to anyone needing some direction in their career.

– Helen (Wellington, NZ)

I decided to see Lucy for coaching when I was finishing work with another employer and considering if my career choice was still for me.

Lucy’s approach was responsive, gentle, challenging, compassionate, and practical. What I found most helpful was having someone to speak with whose interest was my career satisfaction. I had no clue as to how to think or do anything about that on my own.

I really benefited from reviewing my career to date, realising I did actually want to stay in my career but make some tweaks, and then finding a new job, and having some ideas to test for what I will do next.

I highly recommend Lucy’s coaching, to practically everyone! I wonder why on earth organisations with HR teams don't offer this kind of support for career development. It's such a unique skill set – managers don't receive that kind of training. Why not outsource to someone like Lucy?!

– Verona (Wellington, NZ)

I saw Lucy for coaching because my job situation was unpredictable. The coaching opened up new ways to approach the situation, gave me clarity of thought and understanding of what energises me. I now focus on my strengths and utilise unrealised strengths where possible.

 Lucy is very open and accommodating, and I recommend her to anyone who is considering a career change or who needs some affirmation that they are doing what they are meant to do. 

– Amanda (Wellington, NZ)

Lucy’s sessions gave me the space to work on me rather than my busy role. I really liked Lucy challenging me to articulate my dream job in 10 year’s time – an excellent guiding goal for our conversations on developing the framework for a future I want. Good information, research and tools that prompted my thinking.

                                                                                                                       – Tiri (Australia)

It is easy to get consumed by the daily grind of life and make decisions without really testing your thinking. The great thing about Lucy’s coaching is that it makes you question your assumptions. This then leads to better decision-making.

– James (Wellington, NZ)

I highly recommend Lucy’s career coaching services. I really liked how approachable and easy to talk to she was – the process was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be!

– Alaina (Wellington, NZ)

I had coaching at a time in my life where I had a blank slate work-wise and wanted to be clear about the choices regarding direction. Lucy really helped me create a plan for myself moving forward. This also provided me with a clear plan to review and reflect on in the following months. Lucy really listened to what I was saying which allowed me to hear my ideas reflected back to me in a way that shed light on areas I hadn't previously been conscious of. In addition Lucy knew what she was talking about which helped me feel I was in safe hands.

– Emma (Wellington, NZ)

To anyone who is thinking about "what's next?" job-wise:

Over the last 10 years I've been trying to find a balance between work that is challenging and new, and working in areas that I'm comfortable in ­– particularly around working hours that allow me to enjoy (and not just survive!) the other aspects of my life.

Having Skype coaching sessions with Lucy really helped me to put a plan in place for how I want to construct my life between now and whenever it is that I finish working.

What I really like about my conversations with Lucy is that it is about living a great life – not about money or "success", but about values. If you are thinking that you might want to explore something around this, get in touch with her!

– Rose (Australia)

I signed up for coaching with Lucy because I felt I had little control over my work and had to deal with some difficult personalities. It felt all too familiar. Through coaching, I am much less likely to be pulled down or stressed by other people's stress or anger. I see it and often understand it, but I don't let it change my mood. I can stop myself from getting wound up by the same things at home as well.

I have also grown in confidence as I’ve realised how capable I am. I’m ready to grab the opportunities that come my way. It's as though suddenly the world is full of possibilities to me.

What I like about Lucy’s coaching is her positivity, gentle probing, hearing things I didn't realise I'd revealed, showing me the progress I've made... sparking my creativity.

I also like the fact that Lucy has experience of working in lots of different environments and has a lot of insight into workplace dynamics and what they can do to you.

I would rate my experience of Lucy’s coaching five out of five. I definitely recommend her services!

– Jacqueline (Wellington, NZ)

I enjoyed my coaching with you on clarifying what it was that I really wanted in life and how my work fitted into that. I now understand what that ‘leap space’ will need to be and plan for it. Thanks again!

– Louisa (Auckland, NZ)

I had been really struggling with a very important decision in my life, but after my coaching with Lucy I was so clear about what I needed to do – she made the whole process seem so straightforward. Since then, so much has opened up for me. I feel so much clearer about my life and the new possibilities that are now unfolding.

Thank you Lucy for your brilliant coaching that gave me the clarity and courage I needed.

–Maureen (Waikato, NZ)