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Productive team
Lucy made a really valuable contribution to our branch. She provided a balanced and thorough assessment of our needs, developed and delivered workshops to build our capability, and provided valuable insights into what the branch needs to do to lift its game even further.
— Mervin Singham, Deputy Chief Executive Strategy and Governance, Internal Affairs

signs you need luminous

If you are a manager or leader, you’ll know you need Luminous when:

  • your team is struggling to get what it needs from others in the organisation in order to meet deadlines and deliverables
  • relationships between your team and your key internal stakeholders are strained
  • people are coming to your team for wrong things at the wrong time – your internal customers don’t fully understand what you do, or how you can help them
  • something is getting in the way of you being a high-performing team but you can’t put your finger on what it is
  • you suspect your team has a reputation of being the “no you can’t” people, rather than the strategic business partner
  • you're not attracting the talented people you need to work in the team.

how i can help

With a combination of coaching and training services to improve communication and collaboration, we help leaders create high performing teams. With better communication and collaboration, yours will be the team that gets things done. I can help you:

  • be the manager everyone wants to work for
  • create the team everyone wants to be a part of, and
  • build an organisation in which people thrive.

For example, I can review your business objectives and, based on what your team or organisation wants and needs to achieve, I assess whether the current culture and communications in your team are likely to help you achieve those objectives. If not, I can develop and deliver training workshops that will help build that capability – either for management or whole teams.

To ensure sustainable, long-term change, I’ll also provide recommendations to make sure the lessons from the training are embedded into the team culture. This might include coaching for managers and team leaders.

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