Consulting testimonials

Lucy made a really valuable contribution to our branch. She provided a balanced and thorough assessment of our needs, developed and delivered workshops to build our capability, and provided valuable insights into what the branch needs to do to lift its game even further.

— Mervin Singham, Deputy Chief Executive Strategy and Governance, Internal Affairs

I engaged Lucy to be part of our team developing a business case for a key client. There was a need to effectively communicate the level of cultural change required for the business benefits to be achieved. The clarity of her writing, combined with her research experience provided the additional level of rigour and evidence required to make a compelling case.

— Karen Clarke, General Manager, Starfish Consulting

The report Lucy did for us was excellent. The clear path she set for us was really useful, and made the work we had ahead of us feel not so overwhelming.

— Alison Cadman, Director, Dwell Housing Trust

Lucy has that rare balance of high technical ability combined with interpersonal sensitivity and warmth. These are the characteristics of adaptive and very capable professionals.

— Jeff Simpson, Psychometrician and Director, Ethos Consulting Group

The workshop session Lucy ran with the leadership team was excellent. By running us through the elements of successfully communicating change in a strategic way, Lucy gave the team confidence to begin implementing these processes ourselves. It was a really valuable session.

— Judith Huygens (then Principal Advisor IM Change Programme, Department of Labour)

Lucy’s great to work with – she stays calm under pressure and gives sound advice. The project we worked on had extremely tight deadlines with challenging, and often changing, requirements. Having Lucy on the working group to take care of communications made my life as project manager a whole lot easier.

— Shayne Gray (then Procurement Strategy Manager, Meridian Energy)

The communications workshop Lucy ran for our leadership team gave us some valuable insights about the impact of our communications as managers. The way she demonstrated how to link communications to the business issues we needed to address was really effective.

— Neal Barclay, General Manager, Meridian Energy

When working on complex change programmes, you really need people like Lucy on board. She’s professional and diligent. She understands the importance of the job at hand and delivers exactly what’s needed.

— Kevin Jenkins, Director, MartinJenkins

Lucy is a strategic thinker with strong business acumen and excellent interpersonal skills which makes her an ideal trusted advisor to senior executives. She makes it her business to understand the business, has the right attitude, and her advice is always insightful, credible and reliable. She’s an absolute pleasure to work with.

— Morag Woodley (then Director Human Resources, Internal Affairs)

As Chief Executive, the value of having someone who can accurately capture what’s on my mind, and communicate that in the context of the wider issues we are grappling with as an organisation, can’t be underestimated. That was one of Lucy’s real strengths.

— Brendan Boyle (then Chief Executive, Internal Affairs)

Lucy is skilled at digging deeper and asking insightful questions to help people get clarity about what the real problem or issue is – and then working with them on solutions. She’s very good at helping people work out what the ‘need’ is (rather than the ‘want’) to achieve the business outcomes.

— Carolyn Risk (then Deputy Chief Executive, Internal Affairs)

IABC's magazine, Communication World, recently went through a dramatic transformation -- going from a print magazine to an fully digital, multi-media magazine that is optimized for the tablet. Both in the years leading up to that change and during the change itself, Lucy has been an incredibly valuable contributor. Her insights and perspective have helped to set us on the right path and to create what is now an increasingly popular digital magazine. I will always be grateful to Lucy for her support and consider it an honor and a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with her.

– Natasha Nicholson, IABC Director of Content and Executive Editor of Communication World

I have known Lucy for over 7 years working in the field of professional communication. Lucy was the founding President of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) in Wellington, New Zealand. Lucy is one of the most professional leaders I have had the pleasure of working with. She built a team of volunteers and pioneered the first strategy for IABC Wellington, forming the Chapter from the ground up and introducing close to 100 members within the first 12-18 months. She managed the first Board for the chapter as President and implemented a solid professional development plan to serve members of the chapter and demonstrate the value of the association by attracting speakers from all over the world to speak for IABC in Wellington. Her work in building the IABC presence in New Zealand was outstanding as she worked tirelessly to ensure a solid foundation was laid out for future success.

Lucy is brilliant when it comes to strategic professional communication. In fact she understands how to grow and develop an organisation to deliver, through a clear strategy and focus on solid communication outcomes.

– Adrian Cropley, CEO and Founder, Cropley Communications

Lucy has been an amazing inaugural president. It’s been largely down to her guts, determination and sheer chutzpa that the Wellington Chapter of IABC got off the ground, got sprinting, and got to this significant milestone in such good shape.

— Simon Pleasants, Incoming IABC Wellington president 2008 AGM