CLIENT STORIES: Disillusioned to delighted


Lorren was so stressed when she came to see me that she wished she could win Lotto so she never had to work again.

“I was really disillusioned with work in general and I had no idea what I should be looking for or even exactly why I was so unhappy,” she says.

Through the coaching process, Lorren was able to identify what skills and strengths she would enjoy using on the job, what she valued and, essentially, what good looks like for her in a workplace. In doing so it became clear to her why her current employment situation was making her miserable.

“I came away with a much clearer idea of what to look for in job advertisements in order to find the right role and company to work for. It gave me short, medium and long-term goals for my career which are coming to fruition,” says Lorren.

Her plan was to find a new job that had a culture that better suited her, but in the same industry, while she built her confidence and resilience back up and explored other options.

Immediately following coaching Lorren took a one year contract which met those requirements. She also started part-time study which she really enjoyed, and that helped confirm for her the new industry she wanted to move into.

“One year later I have finished the contract and I now have a permanent role in my new chosen industry. Having the confidence and conviction in knowing what I am good at and what I get energised from doing, has helped me in interview situations. I ended up with an offer to extend my current contract as well as two job offers in my chosen industry, all at the same time!”

Lorren says if she hadn’t had the career coaching, she may have just quit and taken a low paying job just to get by because she was so unhappy.

“I don't know how long it would have taken me to join all the dots and find the right role and path for me.

“I remember at the first session Lucy said to me – ‘trust in the process and know by the end everything will be a lot clearer and you will know how to sell yourself and where you want to head to’. And she was right!”