CLIENT STORIES: Getting ‘unstuck’


Marie had been in the same job for a long time and was ready for a change. She wanted to be challenged and felt like she had more to offer, but was finding it hard to land a new role. With each rejection letter negatively impacting her confidence, she could feel herself going into a downward spiral and beginning to lose hope.

She was only able to work part-time, which added to her sense of hopelessness. Permanent part time roles in her profession were few and far between and highly sought after making the recruitment process even more competitive.

Through a series of coaching sessions, Marie gained clarity on her strengths, interests and values, and was able to recognise her achievements and feel confident talking about them.

“I gained huge insights into all aspects of myself and work, greater confidence, and I had language to use to describe my skills etc. So I was able to rework my CV and have a much better approach to interviews. I felt confident to look for roles I would love,” says Marie.

Two months after her last coaching session Marie emailed to say: “I’m super pleased to be able to tell you that I have a new job!

“I’m really excited about the work which is an excellent match for my interests and values. Thanks so much for the work you did with me; it helped me get this job and also will set me up for the future”.

Marie says she recommends career coaching to “other midlife women – it will give them more confidence and options”.