CLIENT STORIES: Landing the dream job


Penny wasn’t enjoying the majority of her role in human resources and was feeling guilty about the time she spent on the small parts of the job that she did enjoy. She was considering resigning and contemplating starting her own business where she could specialise in health and wellbeing.

However, she didn’t feel ready to move out of her current industry and needed help to work out whether it was fear holding her back, or something else.

Through the coaching process, she realised there were still some valuable opportunities to grow and develop with her current employer and potentially move into a more fulfilling role at the organisation.

“I was able to get everything I was thinking out of my head and discuss it with someone neutral but experienced in the world of work. Lucy challenged me with my decisions and helped me navigate some challenging conversations with my manager," says Penny. 

“Since the sessions I have built my reputation internally, and improved my communication with the business. I’ve also just landed my dream job! So Lucy’s advice has steered me in the right direction.

“I feel a lot more confident and sure of where my career is heading. I’m actually so lucky to have such a great job, working with great people at a company that really looks after its people”.