CLIENT STORIES: Third time lucky


At 39, Stephen had retrained and changed careers twice already but still felt he hadn’t found his ‘sweet spot’. He didn’t feel suited to his current profession – was unchallenged and felt out of place. He was struggling to know what to do and was applying unsuccessfully for roles in areas he suspected might be more fitting.

Through the coaching process he was able to get more clarity on the direction to take.

“Lucy's coaching helped me discover my core strengths and values, giving me real confidence and hope for my career,” says Stephen.

“While some of these were things I knew, it was very helpful to have them reaffirmed. I also had some new insights about who I was and what I could offer an organisation.

“Near the end of our coaching sessions I landed a job in an industry I wouldn't have usually applied for. Lucy's coaching had given me a new perspective and I saw that my skills and strengths could be suited to that environment.

“If it hadn’t been for her coaching, I would have remained unclear about my career direction, my strengths, and what sorts of opportunities I could be looking for. I see Lucy's coaching as a real turning point in my career”.