Training workshops

Training workshop
The communications workshop Lucy ran for our leadership team gave us some valuable insights about the impact of our communications as managers. The way she demonstrated how to link communications to the business issues we needed to address was really effective.
— Neil Barclay, General Manager, Meridian Energy

I can design and deliver a range of workshops to help build communications capability within your organisation – both for managers and teams outside the communications team, and for the communications team itself. 

As outlined in this blog, building communications capability among people who are not trained communications professionals has a flow on benefit to the corporate communications team. When people understand how to be more outcome-focused and effective in their everyday communications, they are likely to work more effectively with the corporate communications team – no longer seeing them as simply the “people who do the newsletters”, but as professionals who can help them achieve business objectives through more strategic communications planning.

A sample of workshops is listed below, but I can also design workshops to the meet the specific needs of your team or organisation. If you need help evaluating your capability needs, we can do that too. Get in touch


Effective workplace communications

A one-day team workshop designed for people who are not professionally trained communicators but who want to be more strategic in their everyday communications to achieve better business outcomes and build their professional brand.

In this workshop, you will learn to think differently about the way you communicate, align your communications with business objectives, and be able to create and deliver more clear and meaningful messages. You will also learn ways to measure the impact of your communications.

Designed and facilitated by Lucy Sanderson-Gammon.

Effective communication for Managers

A one-day workshop designed for people managers. This workshop will help managers become more skilled in their communications, and more strategic and purposeful in their approach. Lifting competency levels in this area will help to achieve business outcomes and improve employee engagement.

In this workshop, you will learn how to use strategic communication to affect behaviour change and achieve business outcomes. On completion of this course, you will be able to consciously and persuasively communicate in the most effective way – using the right messages, via the right channel, at the right time – to engage and align staff with the organisation’s goals.

Designed and facilitated by Lucy Sanderson-Gammon.

Training for communications professionals

Training for communications professionals is available through our partnership with the Centre for Strategic Communications Excellence – a global communications training company whose head office is based in Melbourne, Australia. These are either face to face, virtual or customised in-house training courses.

"Strategic communication management isn’t for the faint of heart. Communication is a multi-faceted profession every bit as complex as finance, human resources, risk management and others. The scope of our work spans a massive range of internal and external knowledge and expertise that produces a halo effect across all business operations," says Adrian Cropley, CEO of the Centre. 
"We are committed to your development as a trusted, in-demand communication professional. Our global team of experts share knowledge, expertise and insights across all communication disciplines, so that you can take your place as a valued advisor to senior executives, colleagues and clients".

For more information and course outlines, download the Things to Ignite Your Communications Career PDF booklet.

effective change communications

Change and the associated risks to productivity, reputation and key relationships can have a significant impact on business. Managing communication throughout the transition is critical to success.

This two-day course will help you understand the change journey, and build a strategy that engages people and delivers business results.

  • Understand the context and psychology of change and its impact on people
  • Gain awareness of the factors associated with change resistance
  • Learn practical tips, tools, processes and models including the Emotional Journey of Change and Change Readiness and stakeholder tools
  • Identify and engage with various stakeholder groups in a planned way
  • Understand the strategic approach to change and how it differs for cultural change
  • Understand the role of leaders and how to build their change competencies
  • Understand and measure the impact of change on the business.

This course is co-facilitated by Lucy Sanderson-Gammon and Adrian Cropley.