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"Coaching with Lucy has been truly an amazing experience ... I have improved my self-esteem and I took my professional life to another level" – Yana

"Lucy is a great coach. She uncovered my blind spots. Her exceptional listening skills and ability to ask the right questions helped translate my aspirations into meaningful action. Through coaching she helped reveal new possibilities and sharpen my focus" – Jess

"I have grown in confidence as I’ve realised how capable I am. I’m ready to grab the opportunities that come my way. It's as though suddenly the world is full of possibilities to me" – Jacqueline

"What I really like about my conversations with Lucy is that it is about living a great life – not just about money or success, but about values" – Rose

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Career Coach | Wellington

Hi. I'm Lucy, a Wellington-based career coach helping mid-career professionals who have fallen out of love with their jobs to find meaningful work. I also provide career development for those who want to get ahead at work or make a transition after redundancy.

If you feel stuck in your job but don't know what you would rather be doing, if you're thinking about starting your small business or consultancy service but don't know where to begin (or even whether you are suited to self employment), or if you are facing redundancy, then get in touch. Through coaching, I can help you:

  • get CLARITY on what you want to be doing for a living

  • gain CONFIDENCE by dealing with unhelpful mindsets

  • take ACTION to create the future you deserve.

Find out more about my career coaching services here, or book a free 15 minute phone call with me to discuss my services and your needs.

Worried you have left it too late to change career?

There is a common misconception that when you are in your 40s or 50s you have less career choices open to you. But for most people, the opposite is true. You have more experience than you had when making your career choices earlier in life, often more financial security, and your children – if you have them – are older and less dependent on you. (See Reframing the midlife crisis).

The biggest barriers are often self-imposed. I can help you work through unhelpful mindsets and limiting beliefs about what you have to offer, so that you have a more realistic view of the options available to you and can start to create the future you want and deserve. 

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Why engage a career coach?

A new client came to me exasperated, saying: "I've spent hours and days on the web and read every career book you can imagine, but I still don't know what to do! It's like my wheels are spinning. I just need to speak to a human being!"

'Aunty Google' might have a ton of information available to you but, as this client's testimonial illustrates, there is a limit to Google's ability to help you with life-changing career decisions. The process of talking uses a completely different part of your brain and – provided the person with whom you are talking is a great listener, is perceptive, empathetic and skilled – it will get you much better results.  


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