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5 tips for dealing with a boss who holds you back

… “If you are relying on your boss to take the lead when it comes to your professional development and it’s not working for you, then you may want to rethink your approach,” said Lucy Sanderson-Gammon, career coach with Luminous Consulting Limited in Wellington, New Zealand. “In my experience, employers are more likely to support employees who are taking ownership and responsibility for their own career development than those who expect their boss to …

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NEXT Magazine: April 2018

Lost and found: Why you should embrace a midlife crisis

... Lucy Sanderson-Gammon hears that a lot. The director of Wellington career coaching business Luminous Consulting sees many women in their 40s and 50s having career crisis. "Often their jobs aren't fulfilling, or they no longer have the same tolerance levels for dysfunctional bosses or workplaces," says Lucy ...

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Stuff: March 2018

I didn't know what I wanted to do till my 30s

... Similarly, career coach and former journalist Lucy Sanderson-Gammon said she struggled to find her niche until later on in her career. 

"I was one of those people who fell into a career due to circumstance rather than choice. ... There really was no such thing as balance in my life at that time, and it was more about survival than being focused on having a challenging or fulfilling career."

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Dominion Post - Your WEekend: August 2017

Juggling work and play: 4 couples who live and work together, all day, every day

... Wellington career coach Lucy Sanderson-Gammon says working alongside one's partner is a dream come true for some people. "If you have complementary strengths and skills and understand each others' preferred working styles, then working with your spouse could definitely be an option worth exploring," says Sanderson-Gammon. "Provided, of course, you really enjoy each others' company." For other couples however, sharing the same work-space, let alone the same building, would likely end in tears ... 

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Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit: 2015

Challenging institutionalised gender inequity in public service leadership

Lucy's MBA research project looked at the barriers to women attaining senior leadership positions in the New Zealand public service. She was invited to deliver an expert commentary session on the topic at Public Sector Women in Leadership Summit 2015.